Car renting terms:
– Car rent is available to the person not younger than 25 years old;
– It’s necessary to have driver license;
– The presence of passport.

Car exploitation:
– Maximum mileage is 250 km per day. If you overpass distances extra price is 0.35$ per 1 km;
– Traveling abroad should be agreed with “TAKE A CAR” Company.

Cars for rent delivery:
– Delivery is possible 24 hours with no holidays and weekends for free.

Car rental price includes:
– Car insurance (see below).

Payment can be accepted by:
– Bank transfer;
– Visa and Master Card;
– Cash.

Terms of payment for car rent:
– Receiving the car the full car rental price should be paid;
– Guaranteed deposit of 1000 $ should be given when receiving the car which will be returned back after a client gives the car back.

Deposit completely or partly can be taken by company in the following cases:
– In damaging tires on wheels, breaking windows – we keep only the sum of damage;
– In scratching or damaging the car:
If damages less than 500 $ – we keep only the sum of damage.
If damages more than 500 $ – we keep 500$, and the rest is covered by insurance.
If totally broken car – we keep 1000$, and the rest is covered by insurance.

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