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What do people know about Central Asia today? Not a lot . This region is not well known among regular tourists. Mostly experienced tourist choose this destination. In its turn such countries as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan take a top place in a list of” new routes” . More and more people want to visit this unbelievable beautiful and unique region. What makes this part of the world so attractive to travelers? Breathtaking landscapes , hospitable people and unique culture makes traveling here unforgettable. Small and cozy capitals.
This countries can offer so many different tours . One can choose from one day sightseeing tour in Bishkek, which is located in the very heart of Central Asia, Almaty or Dushanbe to helicopter skiing in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan ,jeep-tours in Tajikistan or cultural tour around Kazakhstan.
Another important question is how to travel in these country. There are several ways to do that. The best way is to find good travel agency which can help to find a good tour guide , cars for rent , interesting excursion , cozy hotel or guest house.. Traveling by yourself is also possible especially if you take an auto in car rent agency. Depending on where you want to go our agency can recommend you and find an auto. Our fleet has wide choice of cars for rent. Year by year car rent service gets its popularity among locals and tourists. If you don’t want to travel alone and take cars for rent company can offer you driver service which more convenient for some far places of Central Asia. It just takes several minutes to organize car rent. Depending on your need we offer you best autos in these country and you will start amazing tour along Great Silk Road.